Ninja 650 Exhaust






Ninja 650 Exhaust

Ninja 650 Exhaust systems are custom designed to increase horsepower and torque. The midrange power will be stronger with a Ninja 650 exhaust system installed. Top end speed will also increase do to better exhaust flow at higher velocity with a performance exhaust system designed for the Ninja 650. While there are many Ninja 650 exhaust systems by different manufacturers available, not all exhaust systems perform the same. Some exhaust systems claimed to be designed for the Ninja 650 are mainly marketed for looks and sound while others are truly designed to improve the power delivery of the Ninja 650.

When selecting a quality exhaust system for the Ninja 650, an examination of build quality should be taken into account. Are the endcaps stamped or are they custom machined? Is that Ninja 650 exhaust system designed to withstand extremely high temperatures if it's made out of carbon fiber? Are the correct types of epoxies used to make that carbon fiber exhaust for the Ninja 650? Upon further examination little details become exposed such as the ability to repack a custom Ninja 650 exhaust if it uses a straight through design, does it use rivets to hold it together or is the exhaust tapped with allen screws for easy removal? The answer to all these questions is that a truly high quality Ninja 650 exhaust system will have taken all this into account and will have been engineered to perform to it's fullest potential and also be durable yet convenient in servicing.

Our performance exhaust for the Ninja 650 have been track tested to achieve maximum performance. The performance Ninja 650 exhaust systems pull hard from start all the way to peak top speed is achieved, delivering power from bottom end with seemless transitions into mid range and top end. Made from high quality stainless steel, our performance exhaust for the Ninja 650 are designed to be durable and last.


modified Ninja 300f,150,500

Ninja 650 Exhaust Systems

Ninja 650 exhaust systems designed for have been rigorously tested to achieve maximum performance. Our exhaust systems for the Ninja 650 are high performance racing systems delivering more power from top to bottom. Made from stainless steel, our performance experts designed these Ninja 650 exhaust to enhance the performance of the Ninja 650 by increasing both torque and horsepower output. In demanding conditions when you need the extra power to dominate the track or street these high performance Ninja 650 exhaust systems will send you to the front of the pack leaving the competition behind and you in the lead.