Ninja 300 Windshields & Windscreens



Ninja 300 Windshields

A well designed performance Ninja 300 windshield will offer greater protection from wind and give a more relaxed ride during touring. We offer 3 windshield designs for the Ninja 300,ranging from street, touring and racetrack use. Our performance windshields will improve your bikes aerodynamics as well as keep turbulent wind off of the rider.

Ninja 300 windshields designed for racing brings air up and over the rider while in the crouched position and not necessarily recommended for street riding do to the nature of a more upright Ninja 300 riding position when on the street.

Some Ninja 300 windshields are designed for touring and are a bit higher and offer more complete aerodynamics and wind protection which removes a large percentage of rider fatigue do to excessive wind buffeting.