Ninja 300 Sprockets







Ninja 300 Front & Rear Sprockets


Ninja 300 sprockets are offered to change the gearing rratio for the Ninja 300. A smaller front or larger rear sprocket will improve the lowend acceleration from take off but there will be a loss in top end speed.

Ninja 300 sprockets which are larger in front and smaller in the rear than the original Ninja 300 sprocket atios will result in slower acceleration from take off, but a taller ratio when at cruising speed, bringing the Ninja 300 rpm range down.

In most cases Ninja 300 sprockets which are larger in front and smaller in the rear will not result in a higher top end speed. To increase top end speed of the Ninja 300 the bike must create more power to break through the wind resistance during top speed.

In order to improve power the bike must become more efficient at combustion to create more power, the best way to achieve this is by increasing airflow into the Ninja 300 and improving the escape of cumbusted gases via the exhaust system.

Ninja 300 aftermarket airfilters and exhaust are the best way to increase the performance of the Ninja 300 to improve the intake of air and the escape of exhaust gases which must maintain a high velocity upon exit of the Ninja 300.

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