Ninja 300 Performance ECU




Ninja 300 Performance ECU



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Performance Ninja 300 ECU

The performance Ninja 300 ECU has higher performance than factory set ECU 's. This high performance racing ECU designed specifically for racing the Ninja 300 features customizable fuel and ignition graphs and can store them in memory.The user adjustable features allow ECU settings to be stored and dialled in whenever appropriate, whether for racing the Ninja 300 or for high altitude adjustment for better performance.

The Ninja 300 ECU has been designed to create more power by adjusting the igntion curves and fuel graphs.

This definate advantage gives the Ninja 300 higher performance with less need for other costly modifications in the Beginner and Novice classes. The Ninja 300 ECU is an extremely devastating weapon when racing in Advanced and Pro Expert classes. When used with other Ninja 300 performance parts, the Ninja 300 becomes an intimidating street weapon.